Workshops at Mezzacello Urban Farm


Workshops at Mezzacello Urban Farm

Workshops at Mezzacello Urban Farm

Mezzacello offers summer camp programs, tours, and public speaking events. Mezzacello also offers workshops at Mezzacello Urban Farm. Workshops range from 90 minutes to half-day events around the technology, farming, gardening, sustainability, and energy systems.

Anatomy of a Workshop

All workshops at Mezzacello Urban Farm are hands on affairs with a deep focus on applied STEM and sustainability. The focus on workshops are applied skills and experiences and do not include video or products. They are designed to be accessible to both young and adult alike.

90 Minutes to a Half Day

Practical Scaffolded Lesson

Hands-On Learning Experience

Interview and Review Section

Workshop Stipulations:

Two stipulations to workshops are:

  1. A participant limit of (16) persons for standard workshops
  2. A medical and photo release forms must be included to participate

List of Workshops Available

  1. BioEngineering Basics (using simple machines and innovation)
    • There are six simple machines and in this workshop we explore them all and the materials that connect them)
    • Hands on and fun and design challenges to build solutions
  2. BioTech in Action (understanding livestock health and wellness)
    • Treating, diagnosing, and managing the health of four different species of animals
    • The six main pathologies of captive livestock are explored and treated
  3. Partners not Pets (working with livestock on a farm)
    • Why livestock is important to the health and sustainability of an urban farm
    • How animals and humans share in the sustainability of the urban farm
    • This workshop includes a discussion of ALL uses of animal products and animal bodies
  4. Physical Electricity (leveraging the physics and practical use of electricity)
    • Starting from the organism through the nested levels of reality to energy
    • Participants experience WHY electricity is physical
    • Then they put that applied STEM knowledge to work
  5. Quantum Effects in Nature (seeing the role of the quantum realm on the farm)
    • Using light and electromagnetic effects to better understand nature
    • Why color, light, magnetism, and chemistry make reality seem more real
  6. Math Matters (experiencing the role math plays in sustainability)
    • Math is a language and a tool on a farm and it is physical
    • This workshop creates experiential avanues for really seeing math in nature
  7. Renewability and Nature (solving the real problems of energy sustainability)
    • Why yin and yang are at the heart of all growth and energy
    • How we can use this duality to create new opportunities to create energy and life
  8. Hardware is Everywhere (employing tools to make meaningful change)
    • This is a maker event where participants disassemble and reassemble tools
    • In the act of reassembly, new connections are made and new ideas emerge
  9. BioChemistry and Growth (creating life from death and renewal)
    • Why does life emerge when we give it the basic FIVE inputs and THREE outputs
    • How does those inputs and outputs create NEW streams of life?
  10. Farming is Charming (living the lifestyle for sustainability)
    • There is a fineline that must be explored when you start a cohesive/sustainable farm
    • Why enclosed inter-related ecosystems matter and make a family, farm or community sustainable
  11. First Do No Harm (being a responsible citizen)
    • How we are all alpha animals and why we need each other
    • How sustainability REQUIRES empathy, compassion and skills
  12. Systems Planning (exploring how sustainability is a systems game)
    • A good system is a system that adapts to what is available and how it is important
    • Learning applied STEM cues and patterns will help any person better understand how we are sustainable