Mezzacello is an urban farm modeled after Monticello with better technology, a focus on sustainability and all in a downtown setting. We started recording everything in a blog. In fact, Our very first blog was a love letter to Monticello.

The goal is to create a food and health oasis in the heart of a major urban city.

And we did. Over the last five years we have converted 3 plots of land in downtown Columbus into six distinct and inter-related sustainable ecosystems. We continue to build, experiment, and innovate in urban farming and ag science. 2021 is going to be a terrific year. We innovated right through 2020 and proved this concept works.

Living in the past, for the future.

Join us in our mission of building the future, and reflecting the past; To grow, maintain, sustain and explain the path forward for health and food security.

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