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Rick and I love visitors and giving tours. We both work full-time, so I try to limit tours to the third Thursday of every month. Use the form below to schedule a tour of Mezzacello!

Tours are given on Thursdays. Special arranged tours can be negotiated. To request a private tour please use the consult link in the CONNECT drop down.

Life on Mars? Biosystems? Collared rooster? Lawns with no weeds? Not your typical day visiting a garden but Jim Bruner is never typical.

Julialynne Walker

If you’d like to see Mezzacello yourself, great! Reach out to us. We ask that you send along an email to schedule a tour first though. In the spring and summer we run Urban Ag camps for school kids in the city. So one of us is usually here!

We both work during the day, so we want to be sure we are home. Learn more about my day job at PAST Foundation.

The view of Mezzacello from the air in 2021
Mezzacello from 35m in the air.

In the meantime, check out the blogs, maps, and some of the camps offered at Mezzacello.

The instructor Jim was amazing. Our child showed us around at pick up one day and we met Jim personally. Charming personality and exuberant about science and agriculture. Fantastic influence on kids.

Summer Camper Parent
The Herbal Parterres at Mezzacello

Everything Jim plans is meticulous and integrated. He has really put a lot of care and thought into Mezzacello, and it shows.

Denise Beno
Young campers designing solutions for portable chicken tractors in the formal gardens

This is a remarkable space. A private garden/farm that is also a learning lab and located right downtown in the city! My children adored their camps there! Every night at dinner was an adventure to hear what they did!

Summer Camper Parent