Our Mission


Welcome to Mezzacello, a Twenty-First Century Urban Homestead modeled after Thomas Jefferson’s famous Monticello. Mezzacello is just a little Monticello.

The goal of Mezzacello is to function as both a sustainable, private formal and food garden as well as a public educational agricultural training center to introduce kids and school groups to the concepts that Thomas Jefferson pioneered as well as the best in ag-science that has been developed over the past 240 years.

There are four components to Mezzacello: Grow, Maintain, Sustain, and Explain


All of the available ag-science around maintaining healthy ecosystems and the particular and global needs each ecosystem has. In addition, the ecosystem as a whole is explored and propagated so that all parts both contribute and support the land and life. An important component of Grow is the process of converting the hard urban built environment into healthy soil capable of supporting a variety of ecosystems and animals.


The tricks and trades of keeping up a healthy urban ecosystem that includes private formal gardens, a large potager garden, an herb garden, chickens, ducks, rabbits, fish crickets, worms, several greenhouses, and all the tools, chemicals, and systems needed to maintain a healthy, balanced homestead.


The renovation of the house and grounds as well as an introduction to the concepts of keeping livestock, plants, structures, soil, waste streams, and human occupants in balance and healthy.


The grounds contain facilities for groups or individuals to visit and participate in the life of Mezzacello. There are covered spaces for meeting, and plenty of diverse gardens and ecosystems for kids and adults to explore.

Take a tour of Mezzacello

Mezzacello in plan view

Mezzacello Urban Farm campus diagram. North is to the left, east at the top. Jim Bruner | Mezzacello