Online Tour of Mezzacello Urban Farm
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Online Tour of Mezzacello Urban Farm


Here you can learn more and see examples of the 9 enclosed and integrated ecosystems of Mezzacello. Click one of the links below to take an Online Tour of Mezzacello Urban Farm to learn and see more! It’s always best to see Mezzacello in person! Schedule a Tour here, or join us in our children’s and adult programming available this summer!

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The choice of ecosystems, systems, and structures is very deliberate. Every system plays a role in the health and viability of the other. In this way, Mezzacello functions as close to a self-sufficient space in the middle of a major urban center like Columbus, OH.

Mezzacello Urban Farm is also a non-profit 501(c)(3) where we offer educational programs like tours, workshops, camps, and classes to build a better world through food. Our mission is Grow, maintain, sustain, explain, and entertain.

We want to end food ignorance and food deserts with thoughtful Applied STEM meets ecology. We call it “Tech-cology” and it is how we want to change the world. If you want to be part of this change, consider donating and supporting our mission.


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