Workshop: Physical Electricity

Workshop: Physical Electricity
A fun look at the way we use electricity

Electricity is one of the fundamental resources we use at an Urban Farm like Mezzacello. In this Workshop: Physical Electricity we explore the way materials, math, energy, and physics that allow humans play with and manipulate electrons in the human world. Using nothing more than the sun, wind, 12, 9, 6, and 1.3V batteries.

90 Minute Factor

In this workshop we will explore how electricity, electrons, and the forces of the electromagnetic spectrum can be managed, controlled and leveraged to do work.

  • The first portion of the workshop will deal with understanding the way electricity is used here at Mezzacello Urban Farm.
  • After the intro, the workshop will allow students to experiment with the way wires, batteries, insulators and resistors interact in the BioEngineering shed (shed 4).
  • The second portion of the workshop will empower students to use their new found skills to develop functional circuits with discrete voltages to power a tool.
  • Finally, the students will use their electrical and battery array to power a useful tool on the farm.
  • At the end, students will share their perspectives with one another.

Half Day Factor

In this expanded half-day workshop we will explore in a full design challenge that will employ basic electrical engineering principles to solve an issue on the farm and will create a video presentation.

Full Day Factor

In this expanded full-day workshop we will create a full design challenge dealing with how we integrate electricity, engineering, and data to solve a real-world power issue or problem at Mezzacello using the Design Cycle, and writing and recording a video presentation.

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