Winter Work Work Work!

Contrary to what May be popular opinion, winter is not a time to rest. Quite the opposite, it is the time to plan, build, dream, and do the winter work work work.

Work work work work work work! Hmmmm!


All of the great artists and cultural change agents in the world know this is true! From the Romans and their work ethic, to Van Gogh and his love of the working class all the way to RuPaul (Werk it Girl!) to Rihanna (Work Work Work). We know things need to get done, honey.

A lot of people take eggs and meat for granted. It’s in a store, you buy it, you cook and eat it, and then you discard it. This is NOT true on a farm.

I talk a good game about creating food and resources from waste, but I am only capable of so much. The average American diet is between 1800 and 2000 calories a day for a male (this calculator can help you decide. There is no way a small urban farm in downtown Columbus can produce that much food, year round.

The True Cost of Eggs

You may pay $X dollars for a dozen eggs at the store – I am not gonna lie, I haven’t had to buy eggs for years – but that low cost is deferred. I recycle almost everything at Mezzacello, and still I need to buy extra feed.

Ask anyone who raises chickens or ducks – or any poultry, the cheap cost of eggs is deferred somewhere. And the feed is heavy, and the snow is real. But this is my passion, and the work is worth it!

Closing Thoughts

Reframe work, effort, passion, volunteerism and empathy as “the bill”. If you are comfortable enjoying the meal at a restaurant, eating it and leaving without paying… Mother Nature is waiting for you, she needs compost and a lazy body and mind will do nicely – work!

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