It’s not just the urban garden that’s resting, but our bodies as well. But while the body rests, the mind engages. At Mezzacello the mind is almost always engaged; how else are you going to change the world, right? On tonight’s docket is learning about maximizing yields in the herb parterre garden and the basics of infusing vodka with herb flavors. Every year we try to extend the gardens into a new horizon.

[/media-credit] Planning and researching for the downtime in winter.

With the plans for what to plant, when, and how we are also thinking about parties. Where else does the mind wander when you are planning on creating novel infused vodkas? Rick is planning on creating vodkas with Kumquats (mostly because “kumquat vodka” sounds fun) mint, rosemary, rose, and lemon-thyme. From these selections we’ll select a few and offer them as flights in the spring. Which flavors do you think would be most desirable what is the best vodka to use as a base?
Remember, the raw materials for infusion have to come from Mezzacello. Nothing too exotic — Kumquats are the exception to the rule. Share your thoughts! The most creative idea gets a free bottle of infused vodka.

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