Living on an urban farm in addition to the FARM you have to maintain the TOOLS and IMPLEMENTS. After not taking care of the farm over winter for a few years (I was ignorant) I learned it’s actually MORE expensive to replace or repair things that have been left exposed. Spend a few days and 15 $1.99 tarps from Menards, dome zip ties and some recycled rope… voila! You are done.

[/media-credit] Protecting chairs, cushions and benches beneath tarps.
[/media-credit] Resetting the aquatic ecosystem. Protecting fish from predators, managing duck access and keeping leaves out.
[/media-credit] Covering more chairs and benches and protecting the fountain to Narnia.
[/media-credit] Disassembled biofilter to protect pipes and filters from freeze thaw damage.
[/media-credit] The box from a recently purchased Easy Bake Oven.

Part of setting up the for the winter is both protecting and preparing the farm. Some things you do NOT want to oxidize and degrade and some things you NEED to degrade and erode. Like cardboard boxes in the lasagna garden beds. I layer on cardboard under the furniture tarps over the furniture as well, but in the garden beds, I need that carbon to transport the NHCOPS down into the soil and hold on to some of that moisture. I add a layer of pine mulch, manure and shredded leaves as well.

Next project to discuss: our buildings!

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