Windstorms and Structural Damage

Damage to the south face of the greenhouse.

Damage to the south face of the greenhouse.

At Mezzacello Windstorms and Structural Damage is nothing new. But I think it is time to retire the type of greenhouse from Mezzacello. they are straw huts in the face of the big bad wolf.

Fragile Engineering

When we first began experimenting at Mezzacello, we saw it necessary to keep a greenhouse onsite. This was a naive idea. In a city with its heat, acids, and strange winds, a greenhouse is a fragile structure.

In addition to being fragile, it is also impossible to heat in the winter and cool in the summer. It allows too much light and heat or loses too much pressure in cold. What we need is a structure with options to allow light in on demand.

So we will be planning a more substantial structure where the third iteration of the aluminum and PETE greenhouses has landed. A wood and steel construct on a drained concrete foundation. Stay tuned.

Wait For Phase 4

We will wait to build a new shed and foundation until after the house renovation starts.

Meanwhile I found all the panels and duct taped them back together to the frame. MacGuyver (here is a link to explain MacGuyver for you) it if you have to… Just make it work!

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