Why Voting Matters Here

Why Voting Matters Here
Vote, it is important and it matters!

“My vote can’t possibly matter, I’m just one person.” What if every leaf on a tree would think like this? Vote, it matters and it’s why voting matters here.

This is not a reality. Think about atoms or Walmarts. They all deal with small or bargain, low priced items, and yet they are HUGE in their mass effect.

When you focus on the individual, then of course you cannot advocate. But atoms and Walmarts do not focus on the individual, they leverage it for the larger whole.

Get Over Yourself

This issue is bigger than you. It’s bigger than all of us, in fact. But voting is NOT really relevant if it isn’t all of us.

If you will only vote if you get to be the hero, then you will never be the hero. Back to the leaf and tree metaphor: What’s more important? The leaf or the trunk?

If you can’t answer that with confidence then rethink why your vote doesn’t matter. Voting is the glorious canopy of the tree of democracy. The tree will die and wither if we don’t show up to convert life to energy and positive change.

How We Build a Society

Think about the leaf and the tree again. If none of us are leaves, we cannot even imagine having a tree. That tree is our society.

I wrote this blog after a young man from India asked me what kids could do to make lasting change in the world? We were discussing the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals video link, Presentation Link, and specifically Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. I advised Siddarth to urge the adults to vote, and demand the change we need to see.

How can we convince people who don’t see this relationship on politics, society, and relationships. They only see the bad, but not the power of that tree — and it’s shade.

If we can love, or respect, or hope, then we should be willing to vote. It is work, yes, but it is the only way this tree will grow. This is a garden of democracy.

We grow, maintain, sustain, and explain this garden. We must do this if we want peace, justice, and a society worth living in. But just like any garden, it must be tended and cared for.

Please vote.

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