Why I Hate To Eat In Public

Why I hate eating in public

Eating solid food is a commitment for me. That is why I love Mezzacello and that Rick is such a great and imaginative chef. This is why I hate to eat in public.

I have to trade time for food (I must lay flat and lay still for a minimum of 30 minutes – each time I eat) I can’t eat foods that are too dry as I don’t have an esophagus with peristalsis and if food gets caught at my trachea where my stomach meets my throat I can easily choke or suffocate. Oh, and I cannot eat processed food or sugar.

No FAST Food, Just FRESH Food

Why I hate to eat in public

No convenient fast food for me. Sugar catastrophically escalates my insulin response and my blood sugar drops to dangerous levels and I pass out and loose the ability to process most nutrients for three days.

I MUST eat fresh, healthy food. Thus Mezzacello has become my lifeline in this world. Now we have turned our urban farm into a learning lab.

Make More Food

We grow a lot of food. We store as much as I can. I have a wonderful, creative, empathetic, and patient husband who is a fantastic cook and I eat like a king.

It hasn’t been easy though. First we had to learn how to grow food and maximize yields. Then we had to learn how to preserve it and store it properly.

Food is a frenemy to my body. I can eat almost everything. But everything has a cost.

The Reality of the 30 Minute Rule

I still have very real scars from my surgery. Not all of them are physical. I am very serious about fresh food – because I have to be.

But I know — without a doubt — the true cost of food. I have lived it. I am living it.

That photo above is my body just after I lost my esophagus. Those scars are where they took my left lower lung out and that tube is how I ate. I understand and appreciate that food is a LUXURY.

None of this left me special or unscathed. I am happy to be alive, even if it means food is complicated. That 30 minute lay flat rule means I avoid eating out and I often watch people in restaurants eat their food.

Occasionally I will eat in public and then go out to a car or lay on a bench or in a doorway to digest and reflect. Sometimes people give me money. I guess they think I am a homeless guy in a fedora, dress shirt, and a bow tie. Who knows? It’s a crazy world.

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