Why Communication is Key on an Urban Farm

Why Communication is Key on an Urban Farm
Where are the animals today?!

It’s almost springtime! That means Rick and I are shifting our focus from remodeling the house to prepping the gardens. Yesterday we had a little bit of chaos at Mezzacello and we learned why communication is key on an Urban Farm.

It was all my fault, and the fact that Rick cares for and sees the farm in a different way than I do.

Jim Bruner

If you follow this blog at all you know that we’ve had a few spots of trouble with neighborhood vandals attacking the animals. Thankfully that’s all behind us for now. But in my continuing effort to make an impact in the way I interface with the public and share the mission of Mezzacello, I share the animals.

Missing Animals Text
I’m giving up hope… The saddest, most unnecessary text message of all time.

I offered to bring some of the animals to the PAST Foundation for the early spring Maker Mania. But I didn’t tell Rick. this text thread speaks volumes about why communication is essential. I forgot to tell Rick that I was taking the mama hen and two chicks, a female duck and a rabbit into PAST.

The poor guy spent all night looking for the animals because he felt so bad and didn’t want to let me down. When I’m working late, Rick, being the good daddy he is, puts the chickens and ducks away in the coop.

He was so sad that he couldn’t find them. He spent an hour walking around the neighborhood looking for them. I feel like a real cad. I will be better about this.

I am really looking forward to Spring (and Summer) when I will be bringing the animals into PAST for my Urban Farming and Technology camps at the PAST Foundation. I will be sure to tell Rick before hand.

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