We’ll Keep a Light On for You

As we transition into fall at Mezzacello we are beginning to realize that we will need options for seeing what we are doing in darkness. All of the systems and trees at Mezzacello make it quite dark. So we are exploring show we’ll keep a light on for you.

Light and WiFi

Functional and Magical Lighting Strategies
The power generation systems that run these light1

In addition to lighting we are also taking this opportunity to extend our 2.4 mHz and 5G mesh wifi all around the gardens. Each solar powered LED lighting node will also power a mesh WiFi extender. This will make communicating around Mezzacello’s servers and sensor systems easier.

Evening Events

The allee is magical place any time. But adding these solar powered LED cafe lights does make it even more magical. I certainly like having dinner and cocktails out there!

I have considered hosting events there. But my executive board does not think we are ready. When anyone asks, I just politely defer and mention that we have not yet gone to finishing school.

One day we will host events here. When we are ready, you lot will be the first know. Until then, we’ll keep a light on for you.

This is a part of the City of Columbus Parks and Recreation Summer Grant Grant #1521-2023.

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