UN 17 SDG Presentation to GIFT in 2023

UN 17 SDG Presentation to GIFT in 2023

This is a PDF of my UN 17 SDG presentation to GIFT in 2023. In case you are unaware the UN 17 SDG is UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and GIFT is the Global Innovation Field Trip which took place on January 14, 2023. In this presentation I have referenced all 17 of the SDGs and examples of how I address them at Mezzacello.

Here is a link to the presentation slide deck.

Sustainability and Action

At Mezzacello I am fascinated by sustainability. It is so very easy to attempt, and even succeed! I have dedicated this website to sharing my experiences, experiments, and failures to the public.

I do this in order to further my mission here at Mezzacello. Grow, Maintain, Sustain, Explain. This latest presentation is just an extension of the featured speaker address I gave last year at Columbus Zoo and Aquarium during their 2022 Teen Eco Summit.

During that speech I outlined the 17 goals and how they relate to the teens of today. in this presentation I extend that speech to include examples of concrete steps I take to meet those goals today. So I am modeling sustainability and action.

Do Them All Or A Few

No matter what, I ask that you learn more about these Sustainable Development Goals. This entire presentation is my line in the sand about how these goals can be individual goals as well as aspirational Global goals. It starts with action and intention.

Have a look. I am including the youtube link here. Until then, start thinking about steps you could be taking to make our planet and species more sustainable today!

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