Tour of the Pond at Mezzacello

The Shark Cam capturing the fish in the summer pond

I decided today to break out the Shark Cam and capture some footage of the pond this summer. It came out pretty good so I loaded it up to YouTube. Here is a tour of the pond at Mezzacello.

Hi-Res cameras like this allow us to see the health of the fish and the pond infrastructure close up. I can see the health of the scales and gills, as well as how much sludge I have to clean up. I really need to power wash my pump!

Rick collects koi and he has a decent collection of them here and three generations of fish. I love how curious they are when they see the camera coming at them! It makes monitoring them this way so much more fun.

Summer Camper’s Delight

This is a view of the pond from the surface. The hula hoop allows us to monitor and easily feed the fish.

The City of Columbus Parks and Recreation were delighted by the sharkcam. They loved their ability to watch and diagnose the finish in their native environment. Surprisingly, the students used the hi-res camera to diagnose the fish for healthy scales was an unexpected benefit!

We added a hula hoop with a pool noodle buoyancy ring to the pond. This ring allowed the students to peer into the pond through clear and unobstructed water. This was also where they inserted the sharkcam and the hi-res waterproof camera.

This is a part of the City of Columbus Parks and Recreation Summer Grant Grant #1521-2023

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