Too Much Nitrogen, Not Enough Nutrients

Compost, Soil Enrichment, and Garden Infrastructure
final layer of soil and nutrients

Urban farming is a journey you take through trial and error. By its very nature it is a study of contrasts; the built environment becomes the abundant life giving environment.

I’ve read all my farming books. I’ve studied Thomas Jefferson’s journals. I’ve even conducted tests and experiments.

Sighs under breath, “Urban farming is a journey… It’s a journey”

Jim Bruner

I really thought I had found the perfect way to grow a successful garden. I was off the mark this year. I used too much manure, and not enough of the H,C, O, P, S that my garden needs. And now I know better.

Bummed But Wiser

I spent a lot of time and energy building the perfect beds. Digging and amending with peat moss, shredded leaves, manure, dirt and straw for mulch. The greens are thriving (as are the weeds) but the fruits are not.

Lesson learned; next time add more compost to balance the manure. Sighs under breath, “Urban farming is a journey… It’s a journey”.

The problem with nature is that you get a season to experiment. I failed to grow beans or peas. I also failed with the red, white and yellow onions and garlic – but my herbs and shallots are thriving.

The excess manure also caused my turnip bulbs to rot. That was disappointing. As my agricultural hero, Thomas Jefferson once said, “Live and Learn”.

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