In 2017 we decided we were going to create a website for Mezzacello. We had a list of things that we wanted it do. What we did not have was a clue, or content. I had the site built. I was advised at the time that what I really needed was content. That was only partially true. The site needed blogposts, yes. But what I also needed was to think about what people thought when I sent them to the website. I thought it was enough that we were capturing and curating content in the blogs. Now I see that I have been asking people to curate my message from blogs. That is a lot to ask of anyone. It all came to a head when I submitted for a grant last summer. The committee came back to me and said, You have a nice website, but there is no there there. Arrrgghhh! Gertrude Stein was right! I was Oakland in 1910! This was my website last week.

[/media-credit] Screenshot of the Mezzacello webpage when it was just a blog.

So I culled together the data that lives in my heart and in my mind. But that doesn’t get to people through OSMOSIS. So I had to grow my site. It was a group effort though. Several of my friends came through and told me what I need to do. It was an effort – an ecosystem of experience and insight. My website is a garden. The blogs were the seeds. I added time and energy and I harvested the best of the crop to show you at market, and keep Rick and I sane. Now when I send people to the website, there will be a there there, Madam Stein.

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Come on! If you are going to have a champion it might as well be Gertrude. She had ZERO F@<#s to give WAY BACK in 1933. She had wisdom, insight and she KNEW who she was and did not pretend. I do not pretend to be a farmer. I farm in three dimensions; the earth, the culture, and in the innovation. It’s good enough for me, and I believe it is the way forward. If you choose not to see this, well, you’ll find there will be no there there as well. This is the new now.

Welcome to Mezzacello 2.0


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