The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The 17 Un Sustainable Development Goals
UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals

The UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals are my new favorite thing. I get to deal with these all of the time in my work at Mezzacello. So I decided to write a blog about them.

These are the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN 17 SDG). They are not only useful metrics for sustainability; they are guideposts for the future development of programming at Mezzacello.

From the Person To The Globe

The 17 goals may seem random but they build on each other from the individual to the family, to the community, to the nation, to the globe. It’s an elegant way to think about our issue with Climate reality. And the dead center is Goal 9: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure.

Goal 9 is where the system splits into a larger unit. From 1 to 5 it is the individual. Goals 6-9 are community based.

After Goal 10 we start dealing with systemic inequalities and social structures. From Goal 13 we are dealing with the planet itself. And the last two goals, Goal 16 and 17, are societal and global.

Purifying water with natural chemical agents.

The New Source Material

I have been spending a lot of time with these goals of late as I am tying all my workshops and summer camps to them. I have started telling myself narratives and pneumonic devices to remember them. This is how the pattern fell out.

The Design Cycle

Tomorrow I will be working with partners in Columbus at the Columbus Zoo. Last month I spoke at a global conference regarding these 17 Goals. It will be an interesting journey to take with these young people over the next year to discover how we can further explore the implications.

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