The Revised Brand at Mezzacello Urban Farm

Mezzacello Urban Farm Branding

Welcome to Mezzacello Urban Farm! Today I pulled down the old sign from the corner of the electrical components lab. I replaced it with the revised brand at Mezzacello Urban Farm.

First The Web, Next The World

First The Web, Next The World

The original logo was a reflection of the signature of Thomas Jefferson. I thought it was lovely and elegant — just one big problem; Two Thirds of the World’s population cannot read cursive.

With as much outreach and public speaking that we are starting to do, we need a brand that can easily read and understood. When I found out that many of my global audience could not read Mezzacello. They were calling it red house green leaf farm.

That hurt. But more than anything, I hated that my pride was getting in the way of my work and desire to change the world. So I started with the website. I changed the logo there and the traffic remained consistent. Today I am revealing it to the wider world.

That Most Important Path To Sustainability

As a designer and programmer, it is really important to me that I am clear and understood. As a Futurist Farmer and Alpha Animal it is VERY important that I am both understood and trusted. We have to remove barriers if we are really going to seriously — and with good faith — approach sustainability.

It’s In The Goals!

That is one of the four core goals here at Mezzacello. Grow, Maintain, Sustain, Explain. I can do them all with this newly branded logo.

  1. Grow the brand as well as my farm, my mission and our collective impact.
  2. Maintain the farm and my passion and love of beauty and applied STEM for all generations.
  3. Sustain the world within these fences, ponds, turbines, gardens, ponds, farm, and livestock.
  4. Now I am here to explain how to do it and why this is all so very very important – to all of us.

Many Thanks

I would like to thank my friends working with the ongoing Global Climate Crisis, the staff and presenters with the Global Innovation Field Trip, my Mezzacello Urban Farm Executive Board, my mentors and interns, and two eight-and-twelve-year-old fans who told me point blank that they could not read my logo.

If you see our farm on East Broad Street at 20th Street in downtown Columbus, give us a honk! If you love what we we do and want to help us do even more, consider a donation! But most importantly, join us in our mission and become part of the red house/green leaf lifestyle!

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