The Power of Place and Magic

One of the most delightful aspects of living at Mezzacello is the ever changing face she presents to the world. The formal gardens with the architecture, and graceful proportions are lovely at any time. It’s most magical when the city itself shows up to stage direct. The way the glow of the city filters through and into the gardens is a delight. There is a mystery to Mezzacello at any time of the day.

The layout is maximized for both sustainability, maintenance and beauty. The layering of the front garden rooms, the jagged cliff of the hornbeam allee, The hidden paths for the pollinators, the flat plain of the herbal parterres, the pond, the gated potager and livestock areas, and finally the fruit trees at the rear. A set piece to be sure.

Proportion and Planning

One never sees it all until they coming into the space and wander. It is always surprising to watch people react to new vistas. For the most part, the ecosystems do most of the work for us. But sometimes being in the heart of downtown has its advantages; like when the pedestrian yellow light of the sodium vapor street lights cast the trees of Mezzacello into the most beautiful vignettes. It really is remarkable.

Every stand has a different feel depending where you are looking at it. It is a unique design choice that Richard planned and I am here for it.

Inspiration and Performance

Drama always has a place in the city. We were initially inspired by the Franklin Park Conservatory. In fact, these anemones come from cuttings from there. Richard is an artist and stage manager; I am back of house and set creation crew. Through trial and error we have discovered how to coexist in this space. I design systems that are sustainable, functional.

Together and with nature (and the surrounding built environment) we plan and evolve these sets that deliver and are easily maintained. During Pandemic Quarantine having this refuge was amazing. But seeing it in both it’s natural splendor and seeing it as the city herself shapes it is always a magical thing. We didn’t initially design for it, but Richard certainly did not miss the opportunity to maximize it.

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