The Parterre Herbal Garden Microclimate

The Parterre Herbal Garden Microclimate
High summer lushness

The Parterre Herbal Garden Microclimate and it is its own ecosystem. The boxwood parterre is essential to the health of the herb garden. The height of the boxwood is the key to the success.

The soil beneath the parterre, the triangles between the lines of the parterre, is a permaculture installation. It is similar to the Hugelkultur installation I have in the formal gardens. The soil is amended with the lasagna garden compost/soil matrix.

Weed control is an issue with the parterre. I use mulch as it is really good at holding in moisture and I can grow more herbs efficiently. It is not as renewable, but it looks good.

Parterre Bush Height and Microclimate

The other role of the boxwood parterre is that it controls for sunlight and wind very well. The parterre triangles are always slightly cooler in summer and don’t suffer in winter. The shade also limits the amount of bolting in the herbs.

Bolting is my nemesis! I am still struggling to keep cilantro under control. I just have to find the right home for it. It is one of the only herbs I grow that is an annual.

Architectural Value

In addition to holding in the water when it rains, and offers tender herbs shade, the boxwoods serve three additional purposes.

  • The boxwood helps the herbs grow and bush well.
  • The boxwood keeps the pesky animals and cats out.
  • Visually, they are a delight.

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