The Neighbors Truck

The Neighbors Truck

Mezzacello is an enclosed sustainable urban ecosystem, but it is also part of a larger ecosystem of community that is our awesome neighbors. Community is like a garden, I didn’t know this but I quickly discovered it to be true. This is the story of the neighbors truck.

Rick and I have owned houses before. We had never been so invested in transforming a property like we have transformed Mezzacello. What we didn’t know when we started on this journey was how valuable a truck would be.

It is no exaggeration to say Mezzacello exists because of Randy and his generosity.

Jim Bruner

We NEEDED a Truck

It was always a “nice to have” item. We soon learned it was a “must have” item but there was no budget in the beginning. Enter Randy and his Ford Ranger truck.

We started installing the first potager garden beds and it quickly became apparent that one ton of horse manure wasn’t going to fit in my car. That’s when Randy offered us the use of his truck.

It is no exaggeration to say Mezzacello exists because of Randy and his generosity. He saw our vision early on and he was willing to help. With the use of Randy’s truck, our vision blossomed.

Blocks, pergolas, bags of mulch, soil, grass feed, and many lawnmowers and chainsaws were bought and delivered in the bed of our neighbors truck.

We Finally Bought Truck

After two years, I finally bought a used Ford Ranger and then a Ford F-150 from my brother. But I never had a car payment, thanks to Randy. I put that money towards Mezzacello.

Reframe the idea of a garden as any system to you tend to and bring forth life. Randy definitely qualifies as a pollinator in my garden of people. He and his remarkable generosity are part of the origin story of Mezzacello, and a reminder that good people exist, and you should try to be more like Randy – and his truck.

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