Well year two of #ProjectMartian has been a learning experience to be sure! My original idea was to test if we could send greens and browns to Mars to recreate compost and soil on Mars (we can). But I neglected one key plot point; Life will stow away. To cut corners this busy year I added horse manure (The Manure that Infected Mars) and I forgot that there would be organisms that would come with that UNPROCESSED material. Well, I only needed to learn that lesson ONCE. I have been turning the soil, allowing the chickens and ducks into the Martian Garden beds (They love centipedes and pill bugs) and using a flamethrower occasionally – think Ripley from “Aliens”. I say to those centipedes near my tender shoots – “Get away from her you bi…” well, you get the idea. But the real secret – ironically is the diatomaceous earth (Martian Regolith) is the best answer. So I will be applying DE and Borax and making life very hard for these Earth-based composters. Stay tuned!

[/media-credit] Compost centipedes deposited from horse manure. But they LOVE the moist environment in a martian bed.

I let the chickens eat more than I destroyed with fire. Full Disclosure. I will post the Chicken and Duck #FeedingFrenzy next, I promise.

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