The Long Tail of Life

The long tail of life
Eggs from the automated chicken coop. Not even the ducks can muddy them up!

These are eggs from the chicken coop at Mezzacello in winter. This is a shot os the true costs of life. Every molecule of every nutrient in this cache of eggs is an example of the long tail of life.

Lessons From History and Economics

In history, statistics and economics when we reference “the long tail” we are talking about the journey and the relevant facts of the topic at hand. Here, we are talking about the formation of Mezzacello, the systems, the automation, and the food streams and wastes put to use at Mezzacello. The long tail of Mezzacello starts in Downtown Columbus and eventually extends to every city on Earth, the Moon, and even Mars.

Why a long tail? Because every good farmer or strategist knows that every season starts the season before. At Mezzacello, every system, ecosystem, resource, automation, and decision is designed and leveraged to make the most out of it’s input and impact.

Mezzacello: Living in the Past, for the Future

That mission, leveraging the best of the past with the promise of the future is at the heart of our work and research. Ever step of the way we are:

  • Leveraging beauty and structure to improve neighborhoods
  • Pulling in resources and repurposing in place resources to create biomass
  • Creating renewable energy and water resources
  • Data and automation strategies to replicate and improve systems
  • Continuing our educational resources, camps and internships
  • Building relationships and partnerships with other farms and gardens
  • Leveraging databases, tools, and resources and tools to make all of this happen again

Like an egg there are many layers to this issue and its solutions. From the shell to the egg proteins, to the feed and water resources it took to raise it, to tomorrow’s chicken that will jumpstart the entire process again. These eggs are the future of food and the tech that will make food the ultimate tech for the world of tomorrow.

Now let’s crack these eggs open and see where it leads us next.

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