The Gift of the Magi

Rick and I are both fans of O. Henry’s short story “The Gift of the Magi”. It’s a great parable and it reminds us that to be successful, you have to communicate, trust, and compromise. Yesterday was a Gift of the Magi day at Mezzacello.

We do trust each other to bring out the best of the other — and that is exactly the point of The Gift of the Magi.

Jim Bruner

What Vehicle Are You Taking Today?

We are lucky to have two vehicles at Mezzacello. We have a truck my brother sold for the farm. We also have a nicer car for social events, comfortable travel, and a place where I can down and digest food when we are out.

Most mornings, I take the BMW and Rick takes the truck to work. i use the truck when I need heavy duty transport. Or when I am hauling dirt and plants.

Yesterday, Rick asked me what vehicle I was going to take. I asked for the truck – yes, it was me! I had to take some hose and a sprinkler and a machine that bleaches plastic with H2O2 and UV light and some fertilizer to work. You know, average stuff.

The Wrong Tool

Rick took the car. Well, when I came home from work in this big truck, this is what I see. My Car COMPLETELY full of plants without pots and dirt EVERYWHERE!

The Back of my BMW
The back of my BMW…

This blog post isn’t being written because I am mad. It is because we both of us love our particular passions at Mezzacello so much that we forget to take time to use the right tool. I can clean out the car (actually it’s not that bad) but the truck would have been 100% easier and more convenient.

Passionate Choices In The Moment

Rick took the time to remind me of all the times I needed 12′ of U Channel to build out my bioreactor and I only had the car. He’s not wrong. The issue is still about communication.

Also I love how these photos tell the “Green Acres” mythology of Mezzacello. Rick is all about beauty, grace, and gardens of the soul, and I am all about science, animals, permaculture, tech, agriculture, and infrastructure. We are not at odds at all.

We compliment each other so well. We are impulsive, headstrong and passionate. We do trust each other to bring out the best of the other — and that is exactly the point of The Gift of the Magi.


  • This is so charming! I can remember Evan’s grace in getting our Tesla detailed after I spilled dirt all over the passenger cabin on my way home for a nursery trip.

    • A

      Ha! Yeah, it was grace! Poor Rick had to really work hard to get those 12 plants into the allee. But they look charming!

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