The Garden of Grace and Charity

On a recent trip to visit family in Norfolk, Virginia we found this lovely piece of sculpture in our favorite garden store in Olde Towne Portsmouth, Wright and Anderson. We thought instantly of the John Berendt novel, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil“. We will call Mezzacello the garden of grace and charity.

Of all the virtues to balance we strongly believe in the power and beauty of grace and charity. These two are the cornerstones of kindness and love. They deserve a spot in our gardens.

We’ll Call Her Charity

There is a story here. This statue was made famous for being on the cover of Berendt’s book and on the movie poster. The image is iconic: the young maid caught in a pose of reflective tranquility while balancing those two plates.

I have always thought of her as balancing grace and charity. These are very rare qualities and worth reflecting on. Mezzacello is also a non-profit 501(c)(3) so charity seemed appropriate.

Speaking Of Reflections

The statue reminds me of the physical manifestation of Mezzacello. The gracious formal gardens of the east and the applied STEM and production gardens of the west. This little statue is the fulcrum that those two realities are balanced upon.

Richard in his happy place on the Virginia Tidewater.

The statue has a personal subtext for us as well. Richard is a Virginia boy and loves the culture and sensibilities of the gracious south. I had just finished reading “Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil” when I met Rick. The man truly made me think of one of the more charming and eccentric characters from that book!

Fate and Foundations

It’s fate that we walked into that garden store and discovered Charity. Now we are driving her home (all 91 Kg (200 lbs) of her!) back to Ohio. This week I will dig a foundation for her, pour it, cure it, and set her in her new home behind the bakki shower at the pond.

Come by and visit her. She will always be happy for the visit and to never meet a stranger. Grace and charity are always ready, willingly given and balanced at Mezzacello Urban Farm.

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