The Foodist: Butter Is Better Fresh

In this post, The Foodist: Butter Is Better Fresh we discuss the merits and relative ease of making butter from fresh cream. I’ve used fresh goat and cow milk as well, but it’s harder to get fresh unprocessed milk in a city. Regardless the recipe remains the same.

You’ll need a mixer (a stand mixer works best) and most definitely a towel or two. You’ll want a clean bowl (to hold the whey) and a mold or butter dish for this yellow gold! Also, it’s completely up to you if you want to add salt, or herbs – go crazy and be creative.


  • Fresh heavy whipping cream


  1. In a steel or glass bowl (preferably in a stand mixer) add the heavy whipping cream and start mixing at high speed. You may need a towel over the mixer and bowl to control splashes.
  2. If you are adding salt or herbs, you can add them now, but you may not want to use the whey later to make ricotta cheese.
  3. Increase speed to max. Keep bowl covered, checking on it occasionally. It is normal for the cream to increase in volume just before the butter collapses into butter and whey.
  4. When the sound from the mixer sounds like sloshing, check the bowl, your butter is done.
  5. Collect the butter and place it into a clean colander. Do NOT compress the butter, you need to thoroughly rinse it to remove the excess whey. Any way left on the butter will mold quickly.
  6. When the butter is clean and water washes away clear, you’re done. Squeeze the butter into a mold and enjoy!

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