The Enclosed Sustainable Ecosystems of Mezzacello

The sustainable self-enclosed ecosystems of Mezzacello.

This is a new map I created this morning that highlights the general ecosystems of Mezzacello. What it cannot do is show you the directions and discrete ways each ecosystem plays into the others. There are the obvious ones like the manure from 5 influences the health of 4, and the wastes from 7 benefit both 5 and 8.

The truth is that EACH ecosystem touches, supports and sustains every other ecosystem. If it cannot, it does not belong. It cannot belong.

Sustainability and Scale

That is not sustainable. I also created a “water map” of Mezzacello but that one is super complicated. So I’ll just start here. This is actual satellite Google Maps data and the maps overlaid and labeled.

If you work with kids or in agriculture, how do you think each ecosystem depends upon and supports the others? It’s an interesting conversation to have. I am painfully aware every time I bring external supplies INTO Mezzacello (food — animal feed, and specialty human groceries, tools, clothing, city water, electricity, amendments and minerals)

I wonder what the world would be like if we all of us thought about what and why we were bringing things but producing nothing really tangible in return other than a lifestyle. Most people appear blissfully unaware.

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