The Data Revolution at Mezzacello

Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and George Washington Kept copious notes regarding their research, homesteads, politics. I’ve always admired that about our founding fathers and the American Revolution. Well now I am in the midst of the data revolution at Mezzacello and I am very excited.

It’s taken years to get to this place. Lots of experiments and failures along the way, but I am getting ever closer to my dream. An enclosed sustainable ecosystem that talks to me and amongst itself.

The Key Was Energy

Like Ben Franklin and his key tied to a kite string in a thunderstorm, the key to the Data Revolution has been energy. Mapping out where each sensor would be deployed, what data it would convey and where it would be collected took a bit of work. But In think I am finally close to realizing this.

The bioreactor research and the building of the 3M tower was the turning point in this journey. 1000 L of rain water leveraged 2M in the air and an additional 1000 L of compost below that. Around the structure are deployed sensors, wind turbines, polar panels, anemometers, pumps, 5G Repeaters, Charge Controllers, and antennas.

The big task this summer will be integrating this system into a cohesive power generation schematic that is both accessible and climate controlled. I actually learned a lot and was inspired this summer by George Washington’s Mount Vernon for how I could do this simply and elegantly. It involves manure and compost and the best of intentions!

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