A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem

A big hole, bigger dreams, some resources, disasters, and a summer later, we have a pond. And there were ducks.

A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem

Ponds as Spigots and Nutrient Additive Systems

The moment when you realize that the biofilter for the pond is actually also an algae wine cask for the flowers.

Hot Water means Boiling Hot

We have to have the water heater set to really hot water to insure things we wash get sterilized. Not good for hand washing.

It is cheaper to keep water hot in a natural gas hot water tank than it is to heat it. Eventually we’ll get an in demand system; but until then, we need boiling hot water.

Lesson: Magnetism 101

Students will learn the mystery of magnetism. From the quantum to the electro-mechanical students will explore all types of magnets.

The Formal Garden Rooms

A tour of the beauty of the formal garden rooms at Mezzacello. Waves of color, texture, and varied heights to attract and support life.

The primary garden rooms at Mezzacello with the bisecting east-west axis running down the middle.

Pond Update for 2022 Part 1

Lots of new, fun stuff coming online for the aquatic ecosystem at Mezzacello. New pumps, filters, harvesting, and wetlands!

Pond Update 2022 Part 1

Lesson: Solar Water Purifier

This is a fun way to better understand the water cycle AND learn how nature purifies water in the atmosphere. This is energy too.

Lesson: Solar Water Purifier

Bioreactor Compost Engine Update for 2022

A Spring 2022 update on the bioreactor/compost engine at Mezzacello. I am currently on my 2nd 1000L batch, this year.

Bioreactor Compost Engine Update 2022