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Next Steps for Project Martian

With the success of Project Martian last summer, I am making plans to extend my research. Last summer was about optimizing yield and harvest ability of the selected crops. I am still doing well in my winter larder! This spring…

This bioreactor produced SEVEN of these 39L (10Gallon) bins.

Hot Water means Boiling Hot

We have to have the water heater set to really hot water to insure things we wash get sterilized. Not good for hand washing.

It is cheaper to keep water hot in a natural gas hot water tank than it is to heat it. Eventually we’ll get an in demand system; but until then, we need boiling hot water.

The Rule of Sustainability – 3 and 5 Strategy

Sustainability is an important topic right now. We need more of it, and better metrics to define what “it” is.

The Rule of Sustainability – 3 and 5 Strategy
Sustainability in a nutshell

Pond Update for 2022 Part 1

Lots of new, fun stuff coming online for the aquatic ecosystem at Mezzacello. New pumps, filters, harvesting, and wetlands!

Pond Update 2022 Part 1

Lesson: Solar Water Purifier

This is a fun way to better understand the water cycle AND learn how nature purifies water in the atmosphere. This is energy too.

Lesson: Solar Water Purifier

Bioreactor Compost Engine Update for 2022

A Spring 2022 update on the bioreactor/compost engine at Mezzacello. I am currently on my 2nd 1000L batch, this year.

Bioreactor Compost Engine Update 2022

Water From Waste Part Two

After testing the design for a simple plastic solar still, we will build a better more efficient model with wood, metal and glass.

Wine case after...

When Water Goes Missing

Two years ago this was a great mystery. We thought we had a leak in the pond. What I found shocked me. The atmosphere and plants!

It’s Getting Hot In Here

As part of my continuing series of blogs about water as a resource, this blog discusses sublimation and vapor.

Water Conservation Systems

Water is a valuable and limited resource. Yes it can be reused, recycled, and is abundant – but only to a limit. Preserve water!

Water Conservation Systems
Rain water and solar-powered pumps