water management

Practicing Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is a woefully underrated skill in 21st Century America. We are consumed by the desire for efficiency and disdain inconvenience as if it were a mortal sin. We are allergic to nuisance. none of this is a sin,…

Feed Me Seymour: The Real Costs of Food

I talk a great game about recycling food and adaptive reuse at Mezzacello. I really do feed every scrap I can back to the animals, insects and compost. Some days I do feel like Seymour trying to find enough “food”…

Rick and Alice Cooper by the fire.

Producing Food and Eating as an Art

One of the benefits of Mezzacello is the the unique differences between Jim and I. The marriage of different perspectives on some of the things we already value. We find ourselves delving into aspects of things that we otherwise might…

Julia Child and Jacques Pepin

Sanitizing the Hen Yard

Slowly over the last 18 months I have been implementing the upgrades to my urban farm animal yards that were suggested by the Columbus Health Department. I have a higher standard to uphold as I am applying for a permitting…

The durable rubber mattes that comprise the sanitary hen yard.

Introducing Project Martian

How does Mezzacello resemble a Martian Colony? Both will be an artificial self-enclosed, sustainable, multi-stream ecosystem.

Introducing Project Martian
Martian Green House concept.

The Enclosed Sustainable Ecosystems of Mezzacello

What is a truly enclosed, self-sustaining ecosystem? It requires that the energy and materials going in are accounted for and amplified coming out.

The Prince of Swales

Swales and Hugelkultur (under soil permaculture) on an urban farm in Columbus, OH. is a winning strategy to combat Climate Reality.

Mounded monkey grass drives water towards the swales.

COVID19 and Creating Martian Compost

I have declared 2020 the year of #ProjectMartian at Mezzacello. I took part in a grant with great big aspirations and some very cool science. It was a partnership grant with PAST Foundation, The Columbus Foundation, and Scotts Miracle Gro….

A 1,000L IBC compost bioreactor.

The Foodist: Martian Matzo Soup

After spending most of 2020 experimenting and learning to maximize yields, I decided to start using some of the food from #ProjectMartian. My video intern at PAST Foundation was feeling under the weather, so I decided it was a good…

#ProjectMartian Matzo Soup on “Mars” the carrots were purple, so the soup was too.

The Aquatic Ecosystem in 2021

It’s winter, 2021. This is the fourth winter in the aquatic ecosystem for the fish at Mezzacello. If you’re not familiar, start with this nightmare or this, or this. I have busted my gluteal muscles trying to learn what Mother Nature…

The Aquatic Ecosystem in January 2021.