water management

Practical Water Management

Water is one of the holy trinity of resources in an urban ecosystem, alongside biomass, and flora and fauna.

The Path to an Aquatic Ecosystem

Armed with a vision and some CAD plans for my semicircular Georgian pond, I presented my idea to the Columbus Department of Health Animal Permit Division. I had discussed my need for a large aquatic biosystem to support fish and…

A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem

A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem

A big hole, bigger dreams, some resources, disasters, and a summer later, we have a pond. And there were ducks.

A Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem

Water Conservancy and Mindfulness

The beginning of spring 2019. Some fool left the water spigot running on the 300 gallon rain barrel that serves water for my livestock and walked away for 10 minutes. 200 gallons of water potential wasted. The ducks LOVED all…

Ponds as Spigots and Nutrient Additive Systems

The moment when you realize that the biofilter for the pond is actually also an algae wine cask for the flowers.

Peas Porridge Hot, Peas Porridge Bold

Eat like a sailor! A ration of peas and seawater with a dash of butter and flour and some toast and you have a meal!

When An Urban Farm is More Urban

When the line between work and farming becomes most obvious is usually where those two worlds collide, like you see here.

Sometimes the Urban Part is more important than the Farming part.

The Life Cycle of an Easy Bake Oven

At Mezzacello we use everything we possibly can. Waste is worthless without purpose. This summer one of my Easy Bake Ovens (EBO) broke down and was unrepeatable. I recycled the plastic and pulled the electrical parts out and donated them…

The box from a recently purchased Easy Bake Oven.