Feathered Exterminators, Landscapers, and Quality Control

At Mezzacello, we have a fence line that abuts the alleys to the south and west of the property. This is our front line for invasive species of vining weeds like poke, wisteria, and belladonna. I also store donated bags…

Lessons in Food, Water, and Waste

The Luke Skywalker Effect. We had rice that was contaminated with weevils. So we cooked the rice with star wars still water.

Lessons in Food and Waste

From Waste to Water

Using off the shelf buckets, washed sand, gravel, charcoal and was large river stone we can purify even the dirtiest water.

Water that has been purified naturally

Water From Waste Part Two

After testing the design for a simple plastic solar still, we will build a better more efficient model with wood, metal and glass.

Wine case after...

Design Challenge: Build a Stomach

In this Design Challenge we will explore how living animals digest food and create energy and wastes by creating a stomach.