O Fortuna or the Cost of Life is Death

When I first started Mezzacello five years ago I went in completely blind and ignorant about what farming really meant. I thought it would be grow and harvest – it would be happy and easy. But it’s really not. You…

O Fortuna! The Wheel of Fortune where fate turns the wheel and kings rise and fall. Life and death are linked.

Twenty-First Century Realities to Restoration

Ah the things you find while transforming a vacant urban lot into an urban farm and garden. Kevlar Gloves!

Twenty-First Century Realities to Restoration
An old drug needle left by a sad soul in the brambles that used to define the lot at Mezzacello.

Unlabeled Perils of Modern Urban Farming

Salts and other chemicals unlabeled are dangerous. This seems like it would be obvious  until you face working a full-time job (that you love) and then cramming all the chores, ordering supplies online or from stores when funds are available…

Bags of salts and chemicals that have languished unlabeled over winter.

When Mezzacello Was New, Father’s Day, and Good Food

In 1871 people, when Mezzacello was new, families, children, and probably servants spent their days very differently. On a rainy day, me and my favorite dad, Rick made a visit to The Columbus Museum of Art to see the Dutch…

An antique high chair for a baby on exhibit at the Columbus Museum of Art.

Parterre Gardens, Guerrilla Gardens

That one time when I came home from a conference to find 64 1-gallon boxwood bushes that had to be planted. farewell DMZ.

Boxwood parterre gardens with herb gardens in the triangles being installed in the promenade.

Preserving Eggs 1860 Style

Every summer I waste eggs that I don’t get out to people in need or I can’t eat fast enough. I collect fresh chicken and duck eggs. I bring them in to the house confident that their natural bloom will…

Peas Porridge Hot, Peas Porridge Bold

Eat like a sailor! A ration of peas and seawater with a dash of butter and flour and some toast and you have a meal!

House Abandonned: The Tale of the Shell of Mezzacello

The house at Mezzacello is 151 years old this year. The house that exists today has been constructed in five sections over that period of time. The original 1868 farmhouse, the 1890 J. Lloyd addition, the 1910 Rufus Main addition,…