Urban Gardens

Not All Calcium is the Same

Today was the first day of spring that I have to do planting maintenance at Mezzacello. One of my primary tasks was making sure both the animal, aquatic, and botanical species that we grow here have appropriate levels of the…

A Tale of North and South Korea: or East Mezzacello & West Mezzacello

North and South Korea: East and West Mezzacello North and South Korea is at the heart of Mezzacello. We always knew we were of two minds when we designed Mezzacello. Rick wanted Pretty and Plentiful, I wanted Functional and Farmland;…

New fountain garden

Why We Do Everything Ourselves

This is a blogpost that perfectly underscores our mission of Grow, Maintain, Sustain, Explain lives and breathes. Teach by showing.

Why We do everything ourselves

You Rock My World

Once upon a time there were three houses on the lot that is today Mezzacello. Today there is only one that remains But the shadow of the footprints of the other two rubble foundations persist in the grass on hot…

digging into foundations
The limestone stoop to a former Greek Revival townhouse that once stood on this site.

Feathered Exterminators, Landscapers, and Quality Control

At Mezzacello, we have a fence line that abuts the alleys to the south and west of the property. This is our front line for invasive species of vining weeds like poke, wisteria, and belladonna. I also store donated bags…

Harvest, Hunger, and the Art of Preservation

The harvesting of food is the single greatest chore in urban farming, the next greatest is preserving it!

Potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and duck eggs collected from the garden and livestock gardens at Mezzacello.

Unsung Heroes in the Urban Farm Kitchen

Ah the plastic takeout container! These round polypropylene take out containers are essential in a modern urban garden. They are usually given to me by friends who get takeout lunch from Chinese food or dinners from better restaurants. I love…

Plastic takeout containers that are super useful for multiple reasons.

Amazing Fried Chicken

Rick made fresh fried chicken in his mother’s mother’ cast iron skillet with fresh herbs and garlic. It was very, very pretty and super delicious! I will ask Rick to post the recipe here if you share with me your…

Rick’s maternal grandmother’s cast iron skillet with fresh chicken, and rosemary, thyme, and garlic straight from the garden.