urban garden

Why is it Called “Mezzacello”?

Rick and I had been searching for a house in Old Towne East (a downtown residential neighborhood in Columbus, OH) for a few years. We talked about what we wanted to do with a house, and what it would be…

Twenty-First Century Realities to Restoration

Ah the things you find while transforming a vacant urban lot into an urban farm and garden. Kevlar Gloves!

Twenty-First Century Realities to Restoration
An old drug needle left by a sad soul in the brambles that used to define the lot at Mezzacello.

Sustainability and Renewal

The secret to sustainability is finding ways to reintegrate waste and produce more than you started with. Repeat and add diversity.

Sustainability and Renewal

The Perfect Cover Crop for Unsightly Chain Link Fence

The original fenceline of Mezzacello and how we disguised the chain link fence we had to create.

The original state of the yard, just after we removed all the overgrown vegetation.

Pop Up Compost Piles

At Mezzacello, the various ecosystems always need tending. When we know that a garden bed will need to sit fallow for a season because we either don’t have time or money to get it done, I will intentionally plant nitrogen-fixing…

A hastily pulled together compost pile comprised of hairy vetch, clover, mulch, twigs, and dead. lives

Greek Gyro Omelette

Rick made this up this morning with duck eggs from the coop and gathered veggies from the potager garden and herb parterres. Feta and milk came from #GiantEagle Straight to the recipe! 4 duck eggs (6 chicken) 1/4 cup milk…

A reverse engineered Gyro with duck egg omelette.

Gone Gardens and the Other Mezzacello Origin Story

Mezzacello is a compound concept. A merging of two wills, missions, and visions. I’ve addressed this before. South Korea vs North Korea here and in Pretty and Plentiful here and again in Science and Symmetry here. But I have never…

Rick in his Gone Garden outside Urbana, Ohio.

Being a Renaissance Smurf

Y’all remember the Smurfs? When I was in middle school every Saturday morning I would watch “The Smurfs”. I loved the message of community and resourcefulness. The singular villain, Gargamel, was a stand in for the cruel world and later on…