Urban Farming

Too Much Nitrogen, Not Enough Nutrients

After a hopeful start, I realized I missed the mark on nutrients, minerals and compost vs manure. Another season.

Compost, Soil Enrichment, and Garden Infrastructure
final layer of soil and nutrients

Living From a Place Of Gratitude

Living the life of an Urban Farmer in the 21st Century and having a full time job is stressful. You work at a full time job during the day, and then manage a household, a full house remodel, a farm,…

Watering an Urban Garden Efficiently

Living in the city means living in a heat bubble. Watering efficiently is a challenge. My solution to the problem.

Watering an Urban Garden Efficiently
View of the urban garden ecosystem from above

The Perfect Cover Crop for Unsightly Chain Link Fence

When we started building Mezzacello, we first needed to secure Mezzacello. The perimeter is 360 linear feet. The front elevation that fronts North 20th Street came pre-fenced with a wrought iron fence circa sometime in the 20th Century and still…

The original state of the yard, just after we removed all the overgrown vegetation.

Peas Porridge Hot, Peas Porridge Bold

Eat like a sailor! A ration of peas and seawater with a dash of butter and flour and some toast and you have a meal!

Pop Up Compost Piles

At Mezzacello, the various ecosystems always need tending. When we know that a garden bed will need to sit fallow for a season because we either don’t have time or money to get it done, I will intentionally plant nitrogen-fixing…

A hastily pulled together compost pile comprised of hairy vetch, clover, mulch, twigs, and dead. lives

Being a Shiva Diva at Mezzacello

I post a lot on here about the urban ag technology and methods I employ at Mezzacello. The fact is, I just find it all so fascinating – and counter to everything our society expects. What can I say? I…

A Garden of People and Ideas

Mezzacello is an enclosed urban garden ecosystem. There are many gardens on the property. One of the most important is the gardens of people and ideas. What do I mean when I say a garden of people and ideas? Well,…

2022/2023 Internships
Volunteer Olivia helping to rabbit proof the urban garden beds.