Why is it Called “Mezzacello”?

Rick and I had been searching for a house in Old Towne East (a downtown residential neighborhood in Columbus, OH) for a few years. We talked about what we wanted to do with a house, and what it would be…

Too Much Nitrogen, Not Enough Nutrients

After a hopeful start, I realized I missed the mark on nutrients, minerals and compost vs manure. Another season.

Compost, Soil Enrichment, and Garden Infrastructure
final layer of soil and nutrients

Not All Calcium is the Same

Today was the first day of spring that I have to do planting maintenance at Mezzacello. One of my primary tasks was making sure both the animal, aquatic, and botanical species that we grow here have appropriate levels of the…

The “Foundations” of Building an Urban Garden

What you are looking at is the foundation stones from a house that used to sit on this lot. Every garden bed we build we know we are going to excavate some foundation. Luckily at this point we have a…

digging into foundations
The limestone stoop to a former Greek Revival townhouse that once stood on this site.

Parterre Gardens, Guerrilla Gardens

That one time when I came home from a conference to find 64 1-gallon boxwood bushes that had to be planted. farewell DMZ.

Boxwood parterre gardens with herb gardens in the triangles being installed in the promenade.

House Abandonned: The Tale of the Shell of Mezzacello

The house at Mezzacello is 151 years old this year. The house that exists today has been constructed in five sections over that period of time. The original 1868 farmhouse, the 1890 J. Lloyd addition, the 1910 Rufus Main addition,…

The “Keeping Up With The Jones’” Effect

When you are doing something you’ve never done before you are doing something new. It’s easy to think that you are exactly where you need to be. What I mean when I say “Keeping Up With The Jones’” I don’t…

Seamus Patrick and Jeff Allan Marion’s gorgeous lantern garden party.

Being a Shiva Diva at Mezzacello

I post a lot on here about the urban ag technology and methods I employ at Mezzacello. The fact is, I just find it all so fascinating – and counter to everything our society expects. What can I say? I…