Practical Water Management

Water is one of the holy trinity of resources in an urban ecosystem, alongside biomass, and flora and fauna.

Sustainability and Renewal

The secret to sustainability is finding ways to reintegrate waste and produce more than you started with. Repeat and add diversity.

Sustainability and Renewal

Some of my Dreams are Squashed

In my ongoing effort to preserve as much food as possible I’ve had to experiment with alternative ways of storing food. I’ve done a lot of research and consulting a lot of desperate agricultural exports.  From extension offices to Amish…

Yellow and Green Squash Stored in a Basket Wrapped Tightly In Paper in a Dark Cellar.

Prep Your Soil, Plan Your Plantings

It’s important to plan your garden well. It’s also important to pay ATTENTION to the planting instructions that come on your seed packets. Otherwise your plants and vegetables will all go feral – literally. Take the case of the carrots…

Crazy snake carrots needed more amended soil to grow straight.

The Evolution of the House

This house has a history! 160+ years of history is not getting fixed in just one season. But we love her and she loves us back.

The house as it exists today. Building out the house has been as much work as the gardens!

Lesson: Solar Water Purifier

This is a fun way to better understand the water cycle AND learn how nature purifies water in the atmosphere. This is energy too.

Lesson: Solar Water Purifier