Systems Integration

Lesson: Creating an Ecosystem

Students will create a map or maquette of the ecosystems of Mezzacello and determine using science and data if it is an ecosystem.

I Sense a Theme Here

Mezzacello is a machine for life. All of it. This blog post covers the engineering and systems that bring this machine to life.

Energy and Sustainability

As part of a series of blogs on UN 17 SDG at Mezzacello. This one covers energy infrastructure and it’s impact on sustainability.

The new solar array and the solar heater set for the coming winter.

BioDome 2 Power Systems Integration

A quick update on the Biodome 2.0 at Mezzacello. We are getting ready to integrate power and water reclamation.

BioEngineering Summer Camp 2023 Guest Blogs

These are two guest blogs written by middle school brothers for my last bioengineering summer camp. Their drawings!

Summer Camp Video Series
User Testing the Layout and function.