Spring and the Art of Yard Maintenance

April is here. The grubs and pests are waking up, but the plants aren’t yet sending up their tender shoots. It’s the perfect time to let the ducks and chickens forage. Both species of birds are the perfect gardeners friend…

Poultry in the formal gardens

Not All Calcium is the Same

Today was the first day of spring that I have to do planting maintenance at Mezzacello. One of my primary tasks was making sure both the animal, aquatic, and botanical species that we grow here have appropriate levels of the…

Water Conservancy and Mindfulness

The beginning of spring 2019. Some fool left the water spigot running on the 300 gallon rain barrel that serves water for my livestock and walked away for 10 minutes. 200 gallons of water potential wasted. The ducks LOVED all…

Living Lives of Sterile Futility

Living Lives of Sterile Futility I started this blog post a few weeks back. I started it in anger and I realized as I was typing furiously into my iPhone amidst the ruins of my compost bins in the alley…

Watering an Urban Garden Efficiently

Living in the city means living in a heat bubble. Watering efficiently is a challenge. My solution to the problem.

Watering an Urban Garden Efficiently
View of the urban garden ecosystem from above

A Tale of North and South Korea: or East Mezzacello & West Mezzacello

North and South Korea: East and West Mezzacello North and South Korea is at the heart of Mezzacello. We always knew we were of two minds when we designed Mezzacello. Rick wanted Pretty and Plentiful, I wanted Functional and Farmland;…

New fountain garden

Why We Do Everything Ourselves

This is a blogpost that perfectly underscores our mission of Grow, Maintain, Sustain, Explain lives and breathes. Teach by showing.

Why We do everything ourselves

The Perfect Cover Crop for Unsightly Chain Link Fence

The original fenceline of Mezzacello and how we disguised the chain link fence we had to create.

The original state of the yard, just after we removed all the overgrown vegetation.