Spring and the Art of Yard Maintenance

April is here. The grubs and pests are waking up, but the plants aren’t yet sending up their tender shoots. It’s the perfect time to let the ducks and chickens forage. Both species of birds are the perfect gardeners friend…

Poultry in the formal gardens

The “Keeping Up With The Jones’” Effect

When you are doing something you’ve never done before you are doing something new. It’s easy to think that you are exactly where you need to be. What I mean when I say “Keeping Up With The Jones’” I don’t…

Seamus Patrick and Jeff Allan Marion’s gorgeous lantern garden party.

Producing Food and Eating as an Art

One of the benefits of Mezzacello is the the unique differences between Jim and I. The marriage of different perspectives on some of the things we already value. We find ourselves delving into aspects of things that we otherwise might…

Julia Child and Jacques Pepin

The Enclosed Sustainable Ecosystems of Mezzacello

What is a truly enclosed, self-sustaining ecosystem? It requires that the energy and materials going in are accounted for and amplified coming out.

Notes on Infrastructure and Ponds

A photo reminds me what to do to properly winterize the pond’s bio filter system. The pond is due for a refit this spring.

Spring 2023 Is In Bloom

On Easter weekend, we managed to put together a few lovely bouquets of flowers from the emerging gardens at Mezzacello. Enjoy!

The sun was bright, but here is a photo of my favorite florist!

Spring is Sprung: It’s a Trap!

A quick fun May The Fourth Blogpost about Ohio’s quirky weather patterns so far this month.

spring has sprung: it's a trap