The Perfect Cover Crop for Unsightly Chain Link Fence

The original fenceline of Mezzacello and how we disguised the chain link fence we had to create.

The original state of the yard, just after we removed all the overgrown vegetation.

Lesson: Basic Sanitation 101

Sanitation is a critical skillset on an urban farm. This lesson introduces students to the basics of sanitation and pathology.

Lesson: Animal Evolution Body Puzzle

Lesson identifying different parts of three distinct species of animal and finding commonalities and needs among them.

Lesson: Animal Health and Safety Puzzle
Parts of the Chicken Species

Lesson: Animal Health And Safety

A fun and safe way to introduce students to the realities of handling live animals and their pathogens, like a real vet.

Why Communication is Key on an Urban Farm

Lesson: Using a Rabbit Sling

In this lesson we learn about animal physiology and psychology and how to properly care for a rabbit when trimming its nails.

A happy rabbit

Design Challenge: Build a Gate

in this design challenge: build a gate we discovery all the design constraints for proper fences and gates to keep animals safe.