The “Foundations” of Building an Urban Garden

What you are looking at is the foundation stones from a house that used to sit on this lot. Every garden bed we build we know we are going to excavate some foundation. Luckily at this point we have a…

digging into foundations
The limestone stoop to a former Greek Revival townhouse that once stood on this site.

Pride Goes Before The Fall

After I destroyed an oven trying to make my own bronze chain I used actual bronze chain to hang a poultry waterer – because chain is chain.

Versailles at Mezzacello

A chance find of former Victoria’s Secret storage displays at H4H ReSTORE will soon become Vaersaille-style planters at Mezzacello.

becomes a planter box

Responsible Consumption and Production IS Sustainable

Part of a series of blogs detailing how I use UN 17 SDGs at Mezzacello. This is easy for me, I love reuse.

Responsible Consumption and Production IS Sustainable
Heat Capture Strategy in winter