Gardens of Solar Power and Sustainable Ecosystems

Gardens of Solar Power and Sustainable Ecosystems Mezzacello took a major step into the future this summer installing solar power systems with the help and guidance of the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation, the PAST Foundation and Amazon. From the point…

The west face of Mezzacello

Energy Gardens For The Future of Food

After years of providing power to the garden this was the year that the garden began providing power back as a “crop”.

Energy and Robotics

From Resources to Food to Waste to Resources

An Urban Farm employs ag-tech, enclosed sustainable ecologies to go from resources to food to waste to resources

From Resources to Food to Waste to Resources
The Middle man of waste and resources, the gardens!

Mezzacello 2.0 in Winter

A stunning view of of Mezzacello 2.0 in winter taken with a drone in the snow.

The War of the Winds

I have been pushing renewable energy sources hard for the past year. Today’s blog is an observation on the best windmill for the city.

The War of the Winds

Lessons in Food, Water, and Waste

The Luke Skywalker Effect. We had rice that was contaminated with weevils. So we cooked the rice with star wars still water.

Lessons in Food and Waste

From Waste to Water

Using off the shelf buckets, washed sand, gravel, charcoal and was large river stone we can purify even the dirtiest water.

Water that has been purified naturally

Recycling Boxed Wine Bags

Preparing fertilizer with recycled boxed wine bags! Luckily my neighbors can provide plenty of wine bags and serve as testers as well

Recycling Boxed Wine Bags
Sabra and I trading empty wine bags for bioproducts for her garden.