Spring 2021 and the Brunerform

An update on the gardens this spring and a candid little confessional and observation on Spring, Beauty, Life, and Fashion.

Store Bought Food and Seeds

How do we know that the food we buy is organic? After all it doesn’t stamped and the seeds aren’t going to tell you anything. Data!

Pride Goes Before The Fall

After I destroyed an oven trying to make my own bronze chain I used actual bronze chain to hang a poultry waterer – because chain is chain.

Versailles at Mezzacello

A chance find of former Victoria’s Secret storage displays at H4H ReSTORE will soon become Vaersaille-style planters at Mezzacello.

becomes a planter box

Lessons in Food, Water, and Waste

The Luke Skywalker Effect. We had rice that was contaminated with weevils. So we cooked the rice with star wars still water.

Lessons in Food and Waste

Water From Waste Part Two

After testing the design for a simple plastic solar still, we will build a better more efficient model with wood, metal and glass.

Wine case after...

Carbon Footprint in a Yard

QuickVue at all the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint in your own backyard with a little effort time and Applied STEM

Manure is death waiting to become life

Water Conservation Systems

Water is a valuable and limited resource. Yes it can be reused, recycled, and is abundant – but only to a limit. Preserve water!

Water Conservation Systems
Rain water and solar-powered pumps