Fishy Business

When you start something new like an entire garden system with multiple gardens and systems, things surprise you, like the fishy business.

Fishy Business
The view of the fish from within the pond.

New Mezzacello Portrait

This is the New Mezzacello Portrait. It was designed by our neighbor and talented friend, Gabriel Gatton. It may be my favorite thing ever! Read more!

Mezzacello Portrait by @ArtbyGeez Gabriel Gatton

The Seed of a Dream

The seed of a dream. Social media reminded me of a night from 10 years ago that has come to fruition today. The gardens and eating flowers.

The seed of a dream

The Foodist: Favorite Hot Toddy

It is winter – during COVID! Here is our favorite Hot Toddy Recipe. From us to you!

Welcome Neighbors to 501C3 Day

May 14, 2022 the launch party for Mezzacello Columbus, LLC. 100+ friends, neighbors, patrons and donors for a spring event!