Life in Olde Towne east

Staying Home When You Live on an Urban Farm

#COVID19 is a new paradigm. People are being required to Shelter In Place across the nation and definitely here in Columbus, OH. I am working for the first time directly in the same place of my husband. Right across the…

Working from home at the dining room table during theCOVID19 Quarantine.

MidSeason Harvest

It’s mid July. That means it’s time to start harvesting the early spring crops! The replacement seedlings are in the greenhouse now. But first I need to not only HARVEST available produce and root vegetables, I need to figure out…

Red potatoes ready for harvest in the lasagna compost beds.

Ecosystems Exist in 3D, X, Y, and Z

A philosophical treatise on the deep relationship between the soil below, the ground and the air above. Told by a tree

The tree, the hornbeam allee, the alley, and the mains power lines running along the southern edge of Mezzacello.

The Enclosed Sustainable Ecosystems of Mezzacello

What is a truly enclosed, self-sustaining ecosystem? It requires that the energy and materials going in are accounted for and amplified coming out.

Compost on Mars

This summer I have been focused on #ProjectMartian and accelerating and amending compost to recreate the growing conditions of a forest floor. The key to this system has been the balanced approach of biomass (green and brown) ethanol, caffeine, sucrose,…

A quick morning harvest.

The Aquatic Ecosystem in 2021

It’s winter, 2021. This is the fourth winter in the aquatic ecosystem for the fish at Mezzacello. If you’re not familiar, start with this nightmare or this, or this. I have busted my gluteal muscles trying to learn what Mother Nature…

The Aquatic Ecosystem in January 2021.

The Vision for the Formal Gardens

Six years ago around this time we started mapping out the “rooms” of the formal gardens. We cut out the sod and recycled as much of the dirt as we could and turned the rest into sod rolls for our…

Cuttings of Annabelle Hydrangea and the donated boxwoods of Mezzacello.

The Rule of Sustainability – 3 and 5 Strategy

Sustainability is an important topic right now. We need more of it, and better metrics to define what “it” is.

The Rule of Sustainability – 3 and 5 Strategy
Sustainability in a nutshell